Toryn Farr

Software Developer

Toryn Farr is a creative professional with over twenty-five years of experience in the Information Technology industry. They’ve spent the past five years creating interactive experiences on PC and Mixed Reality devices.

Currently open to work: Software Developer & Gameplay Programmer roles


  • C# (5+ Years)
  • Unity (5+ Years)
  • Gameplay programming
  • Game design
  • Azure & Linode
  • DevOps / Git
  • Mixed Reality Toolkit
  • Oculus Integration
  • Microsoft Bot Framework

260 Git Contributions – 2023

Git contributions 2022

Game Design

Work-in-Progress CRPG (PC)
Stat Bars and Stamina System

Terrace (PC)
User Interface & Isometric View

Stealing Wizard’s Treasure (PC)
A* Pathfinding

Terrace (HoloLens 2)
Computer Opponent Logic

Stealing Wizard’s Treasure (PC)
Dynamically Generated Node Array

Terrace (HoloLens 2)
Spatial Awareness

Enterprise Mixed Reality

IT Customer Day MR Experience (Quest 2)
Interactive Chatbots in VR

Does It Fit (HoloLens 2)
AR Tool for Warehouse

Virtual MRI (Rift)
Medical Equipment Simulation

Defect Reporter (HoloLens 2)
AR Tool for Warehouse

XR for Services (Quest 2)
Equipment Repair Training Simulation

Conversational AI KAVE Demo (PC)
Interactive Chatbot & Kinect Head Tracking

Just for Fun

Cryptocurrency Mining Stats (HoloLens 2)
REST API & Azure Spatial Anchor

Cybernetic Smart Home Controls (Arduino UNO)
NFC Tag Scanner and IFTTT Webhook

Hologram Spawner (Magic Leap 1 / Android)
NFC RFID Scanner and Holographic REST API

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